10 Keys to Successful Prospecting

To survive and grow, you will need customers and you must keep at it for the entire life of your business. There are many ways to keep your pipeline full of customers but I will give to you the best ways to create and keep a customer for life.  You must build trust and that’s important. I remember back in the 90’s I was hesitant to use Amazon.com. I wasn’t motivated to turn in my credit card thinking I would get scammed. Over time, I began to trust them find out that they are a legitimate company. You must build your image and reputation to have your prospects know you, trust you, and like you.

The following ways are time tested proven to help build up that trust and make your customers want your products and services:

  1. Always Be and Keep Building Trust. Think about all sales 24/7. Think about building integrity and giving it your best shot. Make the time in being real awesome in your presentations and your appearance. In the majority of sales, trust is the key to your success and always has been. The more you give a prospect good information, great support, timely phone calls, very good tips, clean proposals, great follow follow-throughs, etc, the greater they all trust in you without a doubt. It’s an important building process that can take many months but it will pay off in the end and it really does.Prospects will want to work with you because they trust you will take care of them for a long time. Building trust is a never ending process and it continues long after a prospect has become a client by providing service, information, guidance, and a hand holding until. Every referral and renewal is a confirmation of your client’s trust in YOU so don’t blow it.
  1. Always Reach Out to Prospects and Stay Connected and keep the engagement alive and powerful. You Must Earn Trust by giving valuable information on an ongoing basis and never stop with these examples:
  • You should Email a monthly newsletter. You can save yourself time and lots of effort by subscribing to a newsletter which is already written and designed and just add your logo, contact information and nice attention grabbers and you’re ready to go.
  • Always be Sending special alerts regarding any changes in laws that affect your clients.
  • Start your own blog with news and information from the U.S. Dept of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration. Check out news releases from the government.
  • Creating special business tips that can really make a difference to your prospects. Create a small square box for this and state it as Business Tips of The Day!
  1. Prospect Every Day and Don’t Stop! No Excuses, absolutely none!! Prospecting for new business is not an option. It must be done daily without missing a heartbeat. This is a commitment, a devotion, and you must be religiously make and keep, regardless of the amount of time you spend servicing clients. Daily prospecting is the key to your growth and future security and you must be conscious about it 24/7. Keep the following because it’s your game plan, your strategy for prospecting every single business day:
  • Make way and carve out 3-4 hours a day for prospecting because it’s vital. It does not have to be done all at once but always be doing this. You can do a couple hours in the morning and a couple hours later in the day. Based on your experience, identify the best times to prospect or change your schedule to try different times during the day, but make sure your net amount of time per day is still 2-4 hours. It would be wise to prospect Tuesday thru Thursday and hit it hard since Monday’s can be challenging since most people are trying to reel in from a long weekend off. For Friday’s people get too excited for the weekend. Their mind’s are elsewhere as I have learned from experience.
  • Before prospecting, clear out your desk and get ready to attack. Prepare and have your lists, notebook, spreadsheets, etc. organized and ready to go for the day.
  • Focus and eliminate every distraction for those 4 hours.


  1. Be sure to make time to Service and Prospect. The following are great tips to help you manage your time so you can effectively service and prospect on business days:
  • When your clients contact you with different needs that are out of the norm, respond to them quickly by setting a timeframe in which you will provide answers Tell them you’ll get back to them within 48 hours.
  • Most of the time but generally, clients will be satisfied in knowing you are getting back to them within a reasonable amount of time. Keep the communication tight. If there is an urgent situation, you may have to react immediately and be very good to follow up.
  • If you are ready, get a part-time or full-time assistant to help with the paperwork and followup so you are free to do more prospecting. Your return on investment could be very significant.
  • You get to a point where now you’re in control of your business instead of your business controlling you. Take charge and control the situation!
  1. Understand the Value of Your Phone. Afterall, it’s a Smart Phone!
  • Your phone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions a year to you and family. It brings you home the bacon!
  • It certainly is the most valuable business tool you own so make use of it to its full capacity.
  • It’s the best way for you to really connect with your prospect. It’s your lifeline.
  • At first, do not “sell” when starting a relationship but rather find the pain or discomfort they are going through. Is it the cost of group benefits…confusion about a product…or service? Telling is not selling. Asking good questions is selling.
  • If your prospect feels that you understand him or her, you are earning trust, the single best way to make a sale.
  1. Take Action if Your Prospect Doesn’t Have Time to Engage on the Phone
  • You can still start the relationship by emailing a monthly newsletter, health care law update, required notices, etc.
  • As you provide value to a prospect, you are building trust.


  1. Study and Really Learn and Understand How You Really Feel About the Word NO.
  • Do not take rejection personally. You may say it’s only business and you are not hurt personally but you should still look within yourself to really understand how you feel. Feelings can get very strong. I know, we’re all human beings and can fall to prey to these emotions.
  • Don’t get into that feeling of being rejected or you’ll tend to avoid what hurts, including prospecting.
  • Don’t stop prospecting or your business will be at great risk.


  1. Never ever and do Not Give in to Your Fears. We all live in challenging times and there are more than enough issues to deal with from the economy and protecting your business from the tough competition. You Must Deal with this these ways:
  • Be tough! You can feel and sense fear but you MUST NOT give in to fear.
  • Never Give In, Fight your fears by always prospecting.
  • The more you prospect and take proactive steps, the less the fear that you will feel. You gain lots of confidence.
  1. Always Have Faith If you truly believe that you will be successful in the following:
  • Always Have Faith that prospecting really works.
  • Always Have Faith in yourself.
  • Always Have Faith in your own power to market.
  • Faith that it is a numbers game that requires daily effort.
  • Faith in the knowledge that prospecting and your future success are one and the same.


  1. Always Remember This Formula for Prospecting Success and You Will hit it out of the Ballpark each time:
  • You Must Prospect every day.
  • Build trust with prospects every single day.
  • Always Stay connected to prospects.
  • Believe that you have the power within thyself.
  • Think BIG and Don’t Stop. Keep Going and GROWING!!


Now, go get em!


Your Coach,




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