Always be Marketing

Your image and reputation really counts and one of the ways is to keep your name glowing is make a name for yourself. Brand yourself. You want to build up your brand value. One of the key ways is marketing yourself well enough, consistently enough, and month in and month out so you stay on top of your game in the world of business. Of course you will want to meet quality with your brand so make sure they work hard in harmony.

There are so many wants to market yourself.  You can first start off with your circle of influence such as your friends, family, relatives, online classified ads, social media, flyers, radio, television, billboards, door tags, door to door sales in person, cold calls, mailers, newsletters, meet ups, text messaging, email marketing, and so much more. These are the most common and popular ways to reach out to people and get your news about that you are in business to serve them. You will want to have a business card and to be effective, I would get a magnetic business card made out so your leads and customers have no excuse not to lose your contact information since they can easily place on their refrigerator.

I use Facebook to announce my listings or news in real estate and other business information and I tend to get likes and request for more information so it’s a good idea to keep that going so you build up your list of customers. There are so many groups in Facebook that you can tap into, it’s endless. There, you will find many people and connect with them and you never know, you will find that one that you can strike oil with. You just have to be consistent and always be marketing. It may be tedious and sometimes you may not have time but make sure you at least do some marketing twice a week or more.

As realtors, you can be at an open house and passing out your business card and having clients sign in and leave their contact information in the sign in sheet. You collect their name, email address and many times, their phone numbers. Your list is your license to print money. Don’t stop. Keep going! With this list you will figure how to nurture it and cultivate it over time so as long as you love what you do. You will be compelled to have a connection with all of your most important clients on that list.

Technology has allowed us to make things easier and more efficient in real time so one other way to market yourself is buy an auto responder. It is an auto-minder that you can apply using your email to send out weekly or monthly newsletters and pieces of gold nuggets to share with your clients. That will create a following. It can build a large audience that can be so loyal to you that you will find yourself business all year round serving many with your products and/or services. When you’re marketing, you’re keeping busy with productivity. Be actively productive so you will see your seeds grow into a garden of fruits and vegetables that take care of you for a lifetime.

People remember you when you keep in touch. It’s all about developing those relationships and being there for them when they need you and when you need time. It works both ways. People like to do business with people they like so make sure you are always in your best behavior because people are quick to judge and you want to hold up and stand firm always having that perception of an awesome provider of your goods and services. You want to separate yourself from the rest so you can be in the minds of your prospects 24/7.

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