Be highly Successful in Real Estate in 2019

There’s so many ways to make money in real estate, that there’s no excuse you can’t live the lifestyle you desire in this lifetime. I’m just going to jump right into it and I’ll tell you several ways you can make a lot of money as an agent and even an investor. As you know, you’ve got to live with a roof over your head and that’s real estate. Furthermore, there are millions of them all over your state and tens of millions of them across the country. You can count on making at least a fair of the pie to give you that boost in your life.

You’ve got single family homes to multi units to large commercial office buildings to malls that is swarmed by thousands of vehicles that come in and out all day and night long. Where there is life, there is business and money to be made and it’s non-stop. Let’s get down to making your share of the pie in real estate. You’ve got realtors working hard every single day securing listings from sellers, buyer agents representing buyers and looking for that perfect home for their clients and soon get into contract leading them to close escrows every single day. They’re out there and it’s waiting for you.

How can you get your pie in sky? Well, to be honest, there are tons of ways. From the beginning, I leveraged time and effort back in 2004 by placing ads online and that worked wonderfully because after placing an ad on some homes on Craigslist, I would soon receive lots of buyer leads. I would then be on top matters and follow up and develop that relationship. I was told by my mentor, you must love people, image and reputation matters, and you must be fast and direct. I applied what he told me and achieved a ton of sales. Even in the meltdown, I made a killing in shortsales from 2006 and on. Love what you do, love people and you will go a long way. It’s guaranteed.

Don’t miss a beat my fellow realtors, there’s so many properties out there, you must treat this as a business and work those hours. Those hours are called Income Producing Tasks aka IPT. If you’re not treating this as a real business, don’t expect any Benjamin Franklins come flying over to you. You’ve got to out the time to earn your share. Mind you, there are literally thousands of books, mentors, training, videos, cd’s and much more to give you the key to success of riches. The past leaves clues and you must embrace it and run with it because you can repeats the success of others. Many explain their failures in life to give you that shorter path to freedom so you avoid their mistakes and failures. Don’t reinvent the wheel because if you do, you’ll find out the hard way and you would have wasted time and energy and then you age and come empty handed. You can work very hard but make sure you work smarter.

Time is valuable so you must learn from others and apply their principals of success. Make a name for yourself but putting a great marketing campaign for yourself by having those magnetic business cards, having the flyers and marketing material armed and ready for action. Do those open homes to collect leads to get you going consistently with work to do for them, have a presence on LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram, and have your own website and keep it updated with fresh homes that are selling and ones that have been sold. Show them your performance and add those testimonials to give you that worthiness. Everything counts.

Work from 8am to 6pm Monday thru Saturday or Sunday because you will want to have at least one day of rest. If you put in the time and are flexible you will see some sales your way in no time. Mind you, there are some nights you’ll need to be there for your clients. Keeping busy and focused will get you everywhere. Put in those 50 to 60 hours and hit it hard for a few months and you will see some traction and consistent sales. Soon, you will get pretty smart and put together a great team to give you that leverage to make those larger sales.

Other agents get into the investment mode by buying up property by buying and holding them for rental income, flipping to make a profit, and even buying them at tax auctions. The bargains are out there and it’s endless. It takes some work but it’s normal. The hard work is supposed to build up character and strength and it prepares you for war. Soon, you will find yourself as a warrior who conquered it all. Get into that mindset as an achiever, as a conqueror because you must think big because you’re not the only one out there hustling even if most don’t.

Either way, I think it’s a must to have a portfolio of property under your belt because you want that passive income coming to you each and every month. Not only does that happen but you earn from the long term gains when you sell some of them. You make your money through the raise you give yourselves from those yearly increases from your tenants. Yes, real estate is beautiful and it works wonders in your life.

Create a system for yourself and you do that by learning from mentors and veteran agents who have made it to the top where life tends to be a little easier with cash flow of freedom. You want to get into the level of success where time and money freedom is by your side 24/7 because you will feel a lot happier there. Once you reach you’re your comfort zone, you want to give back because it has an effect, a very good karma will come chasing you and you will feel even more fulfilled in life because you know that now you made the World a better place to live. You put in and you will receive equal of greater on what you deserve. Give it the very best in your field and you will be rewarded 100 fold.

Keep repeating what works regularly for the next 24 months and you will see some major results. Make that decision to put in 60 hours or so a week for a while and you’ll find yourself in a different place where life tends to work hard for you so you won’t have to work so hard anymore because at that stage you’ll be on auto pilot mode where money is easy.

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