Give a Ton of Value To Your Clients and Watch it Reciprocate

It’s all about the customer and you want to be at your best behavior because the moment they have a bad experience from you, they will never forget and most probably they will spread the word.  Make sure you make a lasting good impression the first time around. It will pay off in large dividends. It’s a good idea to keep up with self development because you will learn so much and become a well rounded person. Everything from your health, your attitude, your career, your relationships and your wealth will be strong and solid. One without the other can be devastating or can at least get complicated. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Creating great value has a ripple effect and it can really set you up for long term success. Think about it. When you create something that most people don’t have, you have this magnetism that just draws people to you. It’s as though it’s effortless. You’ve made this great masterpiece that is the talk of the town and people from great distances come to you because of the multiple good words that has been put out there about you. It’s amazing and it really works.

You must be consistent and learning very often to make things happen for yourself because as the farmer has done to the vast rows of apple trees, they will bare fruit and will feed an entire nation! In your line of work, even through great recessions, you can survive and weather any storm. That’s setting yourself up for success. Going the extra miles and over delivering will bring you up to great heights where most will envy you. Many will be proud of you. That feeling of accomplishment is priceless and you don’t want to miss out on the action. Do great things daily to mold your future until it becomes that great masterpiece.

Get out from that doldrums of procrastination, laziness, fear and doubt. You’ve better that that and most don’t know all that potential that they have. You just have to pull that trigger and get around some good people who have goals, dreams, aspirations and that energy. Birds of a feather flock together. If you hang out with turkey’s, you’ll never fly with the eagles. Go something that will have an impact on many lives. Think about others by thinking about building yourself up. The rewards are priceless and will make other people’s lives fantastic. We need more people at their best. We need more entrepreneurs who go for their dreams and never stop.

You must commit to excellence because you only live once on this planet. Don’t mind what other people think or say about you. When you hear the critics, turn them into gold. Turn a negative into a positive. It’s those things that will turn you into a more confident, stronger, wiser, and goal driven person so we need to hear all the dirt to get us past the hurdles. Be grateful for those.

When you’re serving your clients, it’s a good idea to be prepared for them all throughout the months and year. Keep a good database and make sure you have their contact information so you can keep in touch via email and cell phone. Have face to face interaction and take them out for lunch or dinner. You need to keep building up those relationships and keep them warm. If you’re doing both online and offline marketing, make sure you keep in touch one way or another.  You want to give them incentives and giveaways because that will keep them remembering who you are as a person.

As a realtor, you want to send them a thank you card for doing business with you and great them for all occasions through the year. After the sale of any property you sold to them, inform them you have lots of good stored for them such as a bbq grill, chairs, tables, lawnmower, and all kinds of outdoor equipment they can use. It’s the kind of things that sets you apart from the crowds. It’s creating an keeping a customer for life that you should be thinking about 24/7.

If you’re a pizza parlor, send out discount coupons weekly, announce free deliveries, send out colorful pictures of your foods with attention grabbing ads to trigger their buyer emotions. Have a website and keep it updated to keep those coupons ready for all customers.  If you want to grow, keep up the value mind mentality. It goes very far.

If you’re dependent on sales just from a website, make sure you keep it with fresh updated content because people are always searching for products and services every single minute. Your key words that you input in there will be recognized by Google searches so work hard to type in real good content with key words that are common and ones that are related to site you are promoting.  Get ideas from other sites and even go in your thesaurus to pull out words you can input in your blog and website.

Always be in your best behavior and stay away from arguments or debates because you don’t want to get into a heated and tense argument or it’s game over. Ask your clients what you can do to better improve your services and products and do something about it right away. You want to get customer feedback because you’re in the business of serving clients.

Let’s recap in a nutshell what you must do for your client:

  • Make a first good impression by being helpful and showing a great attitude.
  • Be consistent in following up and showing them that you care about their best interests.
  • Commit to excellence by learning for the leaders in your industry.
  • Growth is a must and you must be constantly better yourself often so you can be ahead of the game
  • Give incentives, giveaways, coupons, specials, and the good stuff
  • Have a website and blog and keep it with fresh content because people like to know more information, especially in large purchases
  • For your website, content is king so always drive traffic to it so you can spread the good word about what you have to offer.
  • Ask for customer feedback because you can apply where you need it the most


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