How to Earn 6 Figures in 2019

Anything is possible and I know within this year and it’s still early that you can make it to $500,000. It will take focus, hard work and dedication to get there so let’s start and blast off. Here’s what you have to do. Literally write down your goals and the plans of actions to get there. For example, you will write down that you must earn $250,000 by December 31st, 2019. Then, write down the plans of actions from 6am until 10pm each day. Take one day off for rest and relaxation.

You must break down your days by the hours, even minutes to get things accomplished. This must include good exercise when you get up at 5am. Take 30-60 minutes of good stretching and cardio exercises like stationary biking or even swimming. You will need this because you get your energy thru getting blood pumped into your system. Cut out all TV, movies, and wasteful social media on all those work days but you may spend it on that one day off.

In any business, you will make a list and collect all the contact information of everyone you know. Make sure you will get their phone numbers and email addresses because you will be following up with them. If you don’t know where to get leads, attend the local meet ups and mingle with new leads. You can even advertise yourself on Craigslist and targeted FB groups to dig for new customers. You must attack this and spend at least 4 hours a day prospecting and developing new relationships because your business will grow from that.

If you’re in real estate, you will do these in addition to the social media efforts and advertising on Craigslist, Trulia, and Zillow. Do 2-3 open houses each month, for at least 3 hours at peak times on a Saturday from 1pm until 4pm. Have your marketing material, business cards, and sign in sheets ready to go and make sure that every person that walks in that open house door fills in their complete information. The fortune is in the follow up so make sure to follow up with all your leads within a reasonable time frame, say, within 24-48 hours. They are hot so don’t leave that to chance.

Ask for referrals from your circle of influence for any buyers or sellers that they can think of and give them some kind of gift so they will remember you. Keep your promises because they won’t forget. Remember, keep that email list growing because you will be sending all your leads and customers regular information, greetings, and other great content that will keep them yearning for your next emails. Specials, discounts, savings, coupons, and explaining why they should do business with you is a must when you build up relationships for the long term.

You will need to get an auto-responder and that’s simply having a campaign with premade material that will go back to your leads and customers so they see that you are building up value. Make sure you give away something for free and you will see results, whether they buy from you or not. Eventually, most will buy from you or refer you who will. Build up that image in the prospects mind so you leave that ever lasting impression.

Share with everyone your email address, website, and LinkedIn account so they see you as a serious business, a go to person who can help solve their problems and help them in what they desire. You will be that value based, helpful, caring, and awesome business person who will make things happen for them. People don’t care on how much you know until they know how much you care about them for their best interests. Give, Give, Give and Give again. Get the point?

Whether you’re a realtor or a business looking to sell lots of your products and services, I urge you to get a website and if you already do, make sure its updated with fresh content. You will need to drive lots of targeted audiences to your site so they will see your offerings. For every order and email that comes from the customer, make sure that you follow up and store them in your growing database because as I’ve said in previous blog posts, the lists that you create are your money makers. It’s like printing money. Make sure you keep your list growing and active with the value add things that matter the most.

There are several ways to drive traffic to your site and to name a few are thru Facebook, Solo Ads that you can buy, making flyers and passing them out to hundreds and even thousands of people, having groups of people via email and do an email campaign going month in and month out. Passing out flyers is a great way to meet people face to face because it’s totally organic and real.

Make those phone calls at least 3 times a week as well so you have some phone time in and again, make sure you keep good notes in a database so you can track all your activities for each day. Stay organized and make adjustments along the way for the next 12 months. In real estate, you will want to crank up those calls each week and if you can, get a team going so you have one person go door to door, one person cranking up the calls, one working on the advertisements, marketing material online and offline and admin- that person can be tour TC aka transaction coordinator.

Target those $500,000 and up to $10 million properties because the higher the price of a property that you sell the higher the commissions you can receive. It’s exciting to know that these prices of homes and commercial properties exist in your locality and it’s there for the taking. It’s about to you to dig and go after it, day in and day out without stopping.
Having a team will make you that $500k- $1 million yearly incomes very easy. You can accomplish your $250k year income without a team but make sure to follow a great system that works. Check YouTube or even speak to your mentors so you can get a system intact to follow through. Get a system fast. I’ve laid out some things to think about and put together so now is the time to take action and do things fast because your speed will determine your success rate.

As a website owner, make sure you have all the bells and whistles and then some. That means to have a shopping cart, fresh new content, following up with all those emails that will come in, orders that come in and making sure you fulfill them right away, and make sure you drive a lot of traffic to your site. Some really good ways to drive traffic to your site is SEO, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Craigslist, text marketing and email marketing. If you combine, one or more of these, you will strike oil!

I will get into more depth about all these networks to your site so you will see the magic behind it all.
For now, start applying and taking action so you can see some results. It’s ok to stumble and fall and that’s ok. What’s important is that you just get started. Fail fast and you will get there sooner.

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