How to find Buyers and Sellers for 2018

There’s so many ways you can find buyers and sellers and one thing for sure, they are everywhere.  When I first started in any business, I made a list of all the people I know.  It came from immediate family members, relatives, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. Then, those referrals just grew and grew. I also did lots of marketing. I made flyers and passed them out along busy streets meeting face to face with people back in the early 90’s. I was everywhere where the sun shines and where people dwell. You just have to have an attitude of being helpful and serving many to improve and better their lives and everything else follows.

Things start taking shape when you’re out there long enough and hard enough. You have to pound the pavement for a while. You learn from your failures and experiences and get good at what you do. It’s only natural. Just be patient and let the process take care of itself. If you think it’s hard, it really is not. Your mind has to be trained until you feel it’s a piece of cake. That’s how the pros get where they are at. The ones that stay where they are and are struggling are the ones that don’t go the extra mile. They always find the easy way out, they throw in the towel too soon. They don’t like any mental or physical pain. In fact, it’s these very ingredients that unlock the strong and best in you.

When you focus on something, there seems to be a portal that opens up for you that leads you to where you want to get. It’s new doors of opportunities that get you to where you want to get to and it’s at the right time and at the right place that always seem to be appearing more often than less. You want to be prepared with your marketing material and business cards so you can leave them with your prospects.  They may not be ready to buy from or need your service today but they may need you tomorrow. It’s how it works. Leave a lasting good impression.

Being a likable and helpful person has a huge advantage over someone who is stubborn or always disagreeing with their leads and customers. Show them all that you care and are a good listener and they will feel you are taking care of their best interests. Be there for them when they need you because they will take care of your needs. People need people and you must be the one and only in their minds because you just don’t offer products and services but you offer them more than priceless things such as time, kindness, and helpfulness.

Get out there by finding leads through and you will find so many customers, you will be amazed.  Join the Better Business Bureau and meet all kinds of professionals and tango with them. They may refer you to someone who is in need of your services at any given moment. You need to expose yourself. Reach out and touch someone. Recently, I’ve placed ads in and have accumulated a bunch of buyer leads, I was simply amazed. I am so busy with clients these days from the actions of sowing the seeds that planted the buying customer today.

I have hired others to make phone calls to cold leads that lead into hot leads and into buying customers. There are a lot of people out there that need work and when you help them, they help you. These are virtual assistants that you can pay for an affordable price. They can crank out the calls to certain sources such as for sale by owners found in Craigslist, Zillow, and Truila and have met so many customers through that medium.  What they do is they use Skype and make calls using the phone feature found in there. Just load it up for about $20 and they can crank up as much as 300 calls to leads all week long or more.

Way back in the early 90’s I remember I would fax out a flyer to many companies for many hours a day. I was very determined and it worked! These days, you can text messages to leads and customers and bingo, you’d get a customer needing your services. You can do so much social media on Facebook and meet several leads a week if you really focus on your market. Be mindful of others when using Facebook. Start engaging in people in your target areas you want to do business in so you make them feel important and give attention to. People like the attention and get satisfaction from someone who shows interest in their lifestyle.

Then, there’s the good old word of mouth that spreads like a wild fire. Once word gets around that you are perceived as this customer centric focused person, people will be mentioning the word that you’ve got something valuable to offer. You’re this person everyone will remember you since you did a great job at it because you showed them that you cared about their needs by spending the time and put in the muscle to swing for them.

There’s a ton of other ways to get customers but remember this: You must show up for work!  Make those calls, be great at follow up, remind people to review your material, advertise on Craigslist, put out some ads on target Facebook groups, create a website, send out monthly newsletters and place them on auto pilot, get an email list going and make it grow over time and send out an email campaign, attend those Better Business Bureau meetings, sign up with and meet some fresh faces you can meet and become friends with, create some colorful flyers with good content and pass them out where ever you go.

I use to put out display ads in many restaurants and stores that contained some attractive brochures and flyers that gave them the impulse to grab and keep. You must paint beautiful word pictures in the prospect’s minds so they can remember you for a long time.  You can simply go through your database of friends you have stored in your cell phones and just go down the list and say hello so you can touch their lives. One thing leads to another and you’ll see your pipeline flowing of life that gives you the energy to share with people deep into the future.

Lastly, if you seem to be still having trouble finding customers, try digging 20 feet deep because everyone else is digging at 6 feet deep. Don’t get the leftovers. Get the ones that need you more than ever.


Coach Peter

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