How to increase your work capacity by 5 times without burning yourself out

Many top performers were able to maintain a healthy work life without burning themselves out and achieved such great success by putting themselves in an ultimate prime mode. It’s all in the mind and heart. It’s all about attitude. It’s all about taking one day at a time and really enjoy each moment. When you do things with passion and love, the time seems to go so by very fast that you realize you wished you had more time to make many more great leaps in life. Time is a commodity that cannot be replaced can be guided the right ways to give you ultimate results.

These days, you must embrace smarter ways of working, practices that allow you to extract more value out of every hour of the day when you must work. You’ll get more done, yet had more time outside of work to rest and recharge for super efficiency. Be careful of two things you can get burned out from and these are physical and emotional burnouts. Be careful because either can cause stress and fatigue and can lock down your body systems making you lose focus and strength. Your mind and body work hand in hand so you must make both play evenly. One without the other’s balance can knock you out cold on the floor.

Our culture has a constant message for everyone to compete. The message is clear that if you want this type of life, this is how you get it. It’s a linear projection for your progress, almost like climbing a ladder, go, go, go! Many people who say, “I love what I’m doing, but I’m burning out.” Others feel pulled toward a different path, but they don’t follow it because they’ve already built up security in the path they’ve been making. And so a lot of us keep pushing very hard forward in search of greater success.

But here’s what’s wrong with this approach. First, it works for some people but it’s not for everyone. Sometimes, when we’re on that trajectory toward great success, we’re not certain that we even want to go where we’re heading because of the many crazy things that come in our paths. We’re mostly jumping from school to career and all over the place or maybe there’s a particular field that you wanted to go into, but there are no jobs available, so you fall into something and then that’s where you’re headed. Slowing down is not about being less productive or going full on but it’s a way to look at things and find a better solution that’s works better. There are always better ways to make things easier on you.

Instead of thinking about how productive you can be and how you keep moving at this fast pace, I would ask you to think about how you can slow down. Now, that’s not about being less productive or going full on. It’s about slowing the pace of our accelerated lives so that we can actually listen for the call within and be able to see what’s in front of our faces. Sometimes a solution is right there, but we can’t see it because we’re so caught up in drama. You just need to slow down at times and see and feel what’s going on and try and try again to make a better style of getting things done in high efficiency.

So remember these five important things to make you get to where you want faster and better:

1. Set time limits because keeping your motivation high using your competitive drive, while allowing you to gradually improve your overall speed and efficiency over time and you will see a big difference. Practice makes perfect.

2. Keep focused. It’s like manufacturing plants, they are active most of the time, if not 24 hours a day and though you obviously can’t be expected to be that active, it is important you stay focused as long as possible on what you are doing so as to build up momentum and in turn speed up your work. For instance, if you have the TV on in the background as you do your work, it’s difficult to keep focused long enough to get any momentum. As much as possible find a chunk of time to work where you won’t be interrupted, disconnect the phone and turn the TV off. While it is difficult to keep focused for any length of time, for those periods we are able to shut the rest of the world out, it’s important to take advantage of it. Seize the day and have that sense of urgency!

3. Maintain energy levels because well maintained machines don’t get tired or have off-days, and though we as humans cannot maintain 100% energy levels all the time, there are measures we can take to stay as alert and energized as possible and not try to work at an high pace when our energy levels are low because you wouldn’t try and drive a car on an almost empty fuel tank would you?. Discussing ways of keeping energized and alert is a topic worthy of it’s own post so I won’t discuss it in detail here, however in brief.

Get enough sleep and make it a priority at least most of the time. The average person needs around 8 hours to gain the full benefits, though this can vary from person to person. Note, that getting too much sleep can be nearly as bad as not getting enough. No need to oversleep because it can turn into a bad habit. Be careful you don’t fall into any traps.

4. Use the right tools. These manufacturing plants have huge and often complex systems in place specifically designed to do their job quickly and productively. If one machine is old and out dated, it slows down the entire production. You need to have systems in place that help you achieve your goals with minimal complications. The same applies whether you are trying to clean dishes with poor quality washing liquid, or trying to save files over a poor quality network. Find and develop the right tools for all the jobs in your workflow and if something doesn’t work quickly enough for you, replace it!

5. Lay the groundwork. Imagine again, the setup of a manufacturing plant with its mass production setup. It is a finely tuned and intricate systems which is able to create a set number of products quickly and effectively. You can mirror this by having very good habits, approaches and best practices in place in your life that encourage fast, efficient functioning. Knowing what works for you and continually optimizing that approach is key to getting things done better, faster in real time efficiency. That way you don’t let your bad habits, like procrastination, excuses, poor attitudes, lack of knowledge, like not having had any training to use a particular software that makes you slow you down.

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