How to Outshine your Competition.

How to outshine your competition


If you want to be on top of your game, you must work out often. That means you must get on the saddle and practice, practice, practice until you get so darn good at what you do best so people start noticing how excellent and awesome you are in your line of work. Many of the top pros dive right into it and never stop improving, learning, experiencing, practicing, asking good questions from mentors, and going head to head with the reality of the matter. You must position yourself in the best possible way so you are visually seen and mentally fit in your confidence in doing the job extremely well as though you had your eyes closed. It can be done. You just have to do it day by day no matter what it takes.

There’s a price that you have to pay and you will need to pay that price in advance.  Just like working out, you need to get that award winning muscles but pumping iron. For business, it’s mental work outs you must do until you feel strong and confident. You must mix it in with a great attitude because it will show how you handle matters that seem very tough. You can turn a negative into a positive almost instantly. You do whatever it takes in being great. Get a coach, a mentor, read those good books on personal development and business material related to your field and it will lead you to more resources you can learn, absorb and then apply. Learn and apply, learn and apply. Practice, practice, practice because it makes it perfect or at least very good from going the extra miles than most others would.

Go take extra courses, trainings, go to youtube and be a learning machine because there’s an abundance of wealth that have made others hugely successful. Once you reach a certain height, the views up there are where the most time and money freedom are ever achieved without a doubt.  Don’t be a complainer or an impatient type person because it will slow you down. Keep a good head on your shoulders and always be good at problem solving instead of headache problem. You owe it to yourself for the best life you can live. You don’t want to stress yourself out because of little matters because someone out there has solved the problem and you are a good hunter that goes places. You want to make things happen. Shake things up until you become a new person that produces great results and one that makes the journey all the worthwhile.

Dress for success, look sharp, keep a good diet so you’re physically fit, keep a good hygiene because people will notice and it does make a difference when and if they will want to work with you. You must care about these things because it’s time proven. You must care about people’s feelings or someone else will eat your lunch and dinner. Watch out! You don’t want to be eaten up alive and be someone else’s dinner or even snack. Customers can be fickle, ruthless, fearless, know it all, and even will test you so you must be at your best so you won’t take things personal if the going gets tough with people. People are demanding and want what they want within reason and can give it to you when they are in a certain mood and that mood can be sometimes harsh yet within borderline high tensed levels. Don’t react but rather respond with professionalism and always take the high road!

Work hard on making your prices great and having an edge over others, build trust by building great rapport and keeping in touch with your client, add value with your products and services by adding some perks and/or some type of incentive and savings, have a conscience about your company like do you  practice green, do we donate to charitable causes, and how convenient is it to buy our products and receive our services. Have you streamlined the buying process with easy checkouts with your website, and have you made it easy to communicate with your clients via email and phone or text?

You want to be known as trustworthy and a reliable provider for the long term so check that all your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed so you have well running system in place so they can come back to you again and again for life. Your image and reputation really count. Hot your client where they ain’t!



Coach Peter

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