How to Use Craigslist and Social Media to Get Lots & Lots of Customers!

When I first started using Craigslist in 2004, I used it mainly for selling real estate. I posted an advertisement, put some photos up, and WHAMO!, I received so many calls from buyers and sellers! I’ll tell you this right now and you must follow this very religiously: be consistent, build up your image, and be great at follow up with all your leads and clients. The Fortune is in the follow up. If you’re really good at it, you’ll make yourself a fortune. Using Craigslist and in Social Media has so many rewards, you can literally retire yourself within 12-24 months if you work at it, day in and day out. Just treat any type of business with deliberate intention because you are in business for yourself and people are counting on you.

The internet has brought us to new frontiers and we are still finding so many ways to harness the power that it has brought us. Right now, you can put up a website and place some great content and learn how to drive targeted traffic to it and BINGO!, you will receive orders and new customers after another. You just got to build it, be consistent at marketing it, embracing new changes, and you’ll see yourself making income on auto pilot. Depending on what industry you’re in, make sure you expose your business in the right categories, groups, networks, and basically, the right audiences that will be interested in your product and service.

When selling and making offers on certain products and services, make sure you speak from the heart and not give them the impression you’re just after their money. You will want to make sure you’re selling them on the benefits and rewards and the feeling that they will anticipate when they have it in their hands and possession. You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.
There may be many steak houses out there selling the same product but what makes you stand out in the crowded and ever growing space? You offer how comfortable and cozy it is in your restaurant, you sell the great customer centric friendly service people will notice even after they finish their meal, you give them that added value coupon once you give them their bill, and you can even give them a simple smile that lights up the whole room with that ever lasting impression even way after, months and even years that they’ll remember you by.

When posting ads on Craigslist, Facebook , Instagram, and LinkedIN, make sure you post at least 3-4 times a week because eventually people will click on your ad and will do business with you. It takes about 6-8 times before people start remembering who you are and what you do. What you’re accomplishing here is your brand, your image. Image and reputation really matters so be at your best behavior and give it your best shot by providing good customer centric service. Be friendly, be helpful, give lots of benefits and rewards, be clean, have good packaging, be great at asking intelligent questions, give, give, give! Give lots of value and then some.

Make sure you have your phone number, provide an email address, your full name, a LinkedIN account, and even a website. Put up some testimonials and show the World all the happy customers you have provided to and many will be compelled and will want to give you a try. It’s always good to keep everything updated because everyone wants to see progress and how great you have been keeping up in this ever demanding society we all live in. Update your ads and you’ll really stand out among the crowd. Have some kind of theme so many will remember you with that signature logo and look because they will feel you for a long time.

Once you’ve built up a good size of clients, make sure you transfer all those emails and their contact information in a database to stay organized. That will be your bag of money. Once you have a list of clients in the hundreds and thousands, you will have an ongoing following because they know you, they trust you, and they like you and they’ll keeping buying from you again and again. Having a list is like printing money because they are your bread and butter but you must keep serving them by offering specials, discounts, newsletters, and all kinds of benefits, and even greeting them by saying hello, and hope you’re doing very well, and happy holidays! They will definitely remember you with a simple email or even a call once a month.

Other good ways to attract many is to use video and a slideshow of pictures because people are very visual and they can remember more by sight and sound then just a simple flyer because they see images and sounds combined. It’s so easy to post videos so it’s a good method to capture the lives of many by representing you so you can touch them where it counts. Many of you may be camera shy but with practice and perseverance, I promise you, you will get better and when that happens, that’s when the magic happens.

Give it your all and see wonderful things happen in what you have to offer people. Use the internet, embrace it, and use a good network you will feel comfortable in. In time, you will have captured a good following, your own tribe that will trust you and look up to you for many years to come.

Your Coach,


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