Make your Work Ethics STAND OUT.

Work like you really mean it with purpose. Ask yourself, what is your purpose in life, especially when things start getting tough. I am sure you’ve been near the finish line only to come across big disappointment. It happens and will always be part of life, however, the more you do, the more you will become. The more you push and still feel good about it, the stronger you will become in the mind. You need to keep motivated and find ways up and over your emotions because it’s a roller coaster ride. As long as you can look at it as fun, you’ll always enjoy the ride!  It’s mindset and your attitude that determines your altitude.

In the real estate business or any business, you must work as tough as it’s a real live job where everyone is watching you and you must be at your very best. Work hard even while no one is watching. Create very good discipline so you make a habit that is relentless because your best will be unleashed like never before. Growth is inevitable when you pour it on! There’s no time to be mediocre in the life time. There’s so many people doing the same thing as you are so you must be a few steps ahead of the competition or someone can eat your lunch and dinner.

Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Write down your goals, plans of actions and execute, execute, execute! Follow strict rules until you ace it until you go on auto-pilot. If you fall, pick yourself back up and realign yourself. No matter how many times you fall, life yourself back up again and again no matter what. You can do it because no one else will pick you up. You’re healthy, physically capable, and have the brain to make it rain!  You’re a stick of dynamite and no one can steal your dream.

When you write down your goals, make sure you make adjustments of you don’t make it to some. You just have to try other ways to get there. Learn and ask from others because most likely, someone’s already been there and done it and mastered it. You just can’t throw in the towel yet because it’s not over until it’s over. Don’t let the opinion of others drag you down just because they said you can’t do it. If someone tells you, you can’t do it, that only means you can do it! Think win-win!

Plan your days ahead of you well by the day and by the hour so you keep your calendar full. Time flies so fast that you’ll be amazed you’ve already met all your goals. Remember to look good and play the part well. Dress well, be positive around your prospects and customers. Never judge because some day, they will scratch your back on auto-pilot. If they decide they won’t buy from you today, it doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you tomorrow or even the next hour. It’s happened to me many times when people changed their minds and decided to go ahead with your offer. Never judge.

Don’t be scared of rejection and never cave in. Meaning, don’t fear and doubt people because they need you more than you need them. They just don’t know it yet. This is where you go the extra mile and pick up some good vibrations and compel them with your charm, your good sales pitch with asking good and intelligent questions. Telling is not selling. Asking good questions is selling. People will see that you care about when you ask them, how are they doing, right? It’s the same thing here. Ask them all the intelligent questions that will pave your way to a sale and a long term relationship that is priceless.

Always come prepared before any meeting with your client. Don’t wing it or you’ll scare them off like fish in the sea. You must practice until you become so good. It’s judgement day when you meet face to face with your client. Just like before running a race, you must make your leg muscles strong, you must practice day in and day out until you become better and faster for that 1000 yard sprint. You must have eaten well and slept well so it shows and you will really feel that vibe of a winner. You’ll really know it when you’ve given it a lot of effort in making yourself real good. You’ll even feel that you’ve won the race.

Preparation, practice, and focus will get you to where ever it is you want to get to. Then, once you are on that starting block, you’ve got your loved ones, relatives, friends, and colleagues sitting on the bleachers rooting for you and you know what? Everyone single one of them is expecting you to win!

Be so good in your presentations, in your bodily gestures, your attitude, and be very positive and make them feel that you care so much about them so you don’t have to leave them your business card because you’ve left a mark in their hearts to have them remember you for a lifetime. Heart first and then you can leave them your business card or flyer afterwards to keep them clinging onto you.

Make yourself so good that you’re very sticky and hard to undo! You’re a living magnet and whoever and whatever you want, make your inner force and work ethics so strong that you’ll be attracting everyone and everything even while you turn on your back to go to bed. Now that’s making money while you sleep!


Coach Peter

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