Make Yourself so Valuable, They’ll keep knocking on your door.

One of the best ways to become successful in your industry is to do what most others don’t like doing and that is writing about your story regularly, even if it’s 3 to 4 times a week. You write not only about your successes but you speak about your failures because people will believe you more. So many speak about their success but never explain how they got up there. You build up trust and credibility by being the real you.

This writing you’ll be doing is done through a blog. A blog is basically a way to leverage yourself to make it to the top in the crowded space you’re in. You must do what it takes to make the life you dream about even if it means making sacrifices because you must keep in mind that we are all chasing the same dreams and there’s many barriers to entry like the vast amount of realtors chasing the same seller of a house to sell for them.

You will find yourself against many who are more advanced then you, more knowledgeable than you, faster than you and even with lots of experience than you. How can you overcome this obstacle with the many forces against you? Answer: By solving the problem by searching and trying until you hit it off with explosive success. It will come to you if you put in the time and efforts.

It’s true when you work hard once, you can live the life you dream and desire for life. It’s those late nights, those daily grinds, those extra pushes late at night that can and must pay off for you. Find mentors and stick by them like glue so you, too, will become like them but in your unique manner. Always be growing and learning because that’s where the real juice is at in life. You must want it so bad that you’ll end up being that expert in your field. Learn all you can about your field and apply it with integrity, with a great attitude and be at your very, very best at all times.

Doing more than what’s paid for has its rewards and some other ways to become really top in your field is applying proven strategies where you can do them one better. Such things would be creating a website and targeting audiences specifically to their needs and desires. In those website, you create great content and products and services that are relevant such as buy one, get one free. Or, buy a house through me and your appraisal reports, home inspections, and home warranties are free. It’s that added value that can make your bottom line a great deal of income. When you rise your offers, you have risen your income.

You must expose yourself to the public and give lots of tips and advices in the most diligent and professional manner like many don’t do. You are creating such incredible value that people notice you, hear about you, and you then draw them to you in a manner by which it flows like a river. Set yourselves up for success by advancing them the goods before they open up their wallets to you.

I see much success in those who have websites, business cards, flyers, have blogs, and sharing so much wealth of information because it helps educate and make aware to those who are in need of solutions to their problems. Once you share of yourself more to the masses, the likelihood for you to making sale after sale is limitless. It’s like turning on the faucet and it’s non-stop because you’ve got this premade reservoir that is always full of customers ready to give you want from them.

Get on Craigslist and Facebook groups that are related to your industry and post all about your business and you’ll be able to gain some traction from these websites. It’s image and reputation that matters and you must always be going after it until it starts paying you automatically in the form of passive income. Mind you, these 2 websites have billions of users and you’ll be able to fish out quite a few if you’re consistently having those fishing poles casted in the vast ocean of fish.

Build up your brand and always think about it and you can do that by writing down those goals and plans of action. Create the person you want to become and you’ll get there. Get there by placing your profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google Business and many other platforms because people will be searching you. Keep those platforms full of good information and people will judge you quickly. Make sure it’s good.

Imagine being on stage in front of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies and you are making your pitch about who you are and what you can do to serve them versus the person standing right next to them who they’ve made them so excited about buying from them. Ask yourselves what can you do to get them more excited and more compelling then the person who is about to eat your lunch.

Over deliver, give, give, give of yourself and give tons of value and you’ll see yourself on course on the road to riches in time and money freedom.

Your Coach,


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