Why People Buy and What You Can Do about It.


People buy for more reasons but one reason most by is because they anticipate the feeling of enjoyment and how it will make their lives happy. When we know there’s a product and service out there that appeals to us, it gives us a sensational feeling for a period of time that motivates us to go towards it, even if it’s a big purchase. What we draw upon our lives comes to us more easily and faster than anything else. Get ready, there’s a whole lot to be grateful for and more is to come.

Once you understand why people buy your services and products, you will know how to sell well to them and it will come in waves. You’ll find yourself writing better copy and how to gives your sales spiel as elegant as the summer breeze. You will find ways how to sell to them without having to be that pushy sales person. Yes, sales is a great place to be because there’s no limit on what you can earn and what you can turn out to be. You’ll turn out to be that go to person everyone will talk about. Yes, you’ll be the hit item in the minds of many.

Therein lies the following list that I have made as the most important reason people want to buy your items. Once you can nail down their decision making process, you can prepare and optimize the best advertisement, websites, store layouts, blogs that are targeted for that certain audience. You’ll want to maximize the odds of your leads and customers of pulling out their wallets to you. I think the following list are the most influential and motivations behind why people buy your products and services.

If you can hardwire these into your brains, I think you’ll trigger the most clever and coolest ways to offer what you’ve got to share with many. Likes attracts likes and whatever you’re offering, will attract those who are looking for you and your offerings. Give it to them in the most influential and caring ways possible. Don’t push but make your style so great, they’ll come knocking on your door for years to come and hopefully for generations to come.

1. People buy because they will feel peace and comfort
2. To feel very important and complete
3. We buy to be liked
4. We buy to save money
5. We buy to make our lives easier
6. We buy to make our work easier
7. We buy to make more money
8. We buy to feel sexy and attractive
9. We buy to feel comfortable
10. We want to feel secure knowing we’re safe
11. We buy to feel happy
12. We want to gain more knowledge for greater growth
13. We all want to be healthy
14. We want to gratify our curiosities
15. We all want to have fun
16. We want convenience
17. We have certain moods and buy that time
18. We buy gifts to make others feel good which in turn makes us feel really good.
19. We buy things for our memories like collector items
20. We buy for our basic things we need in our lives like food and water
21. We buy to get into meaningful experiences
22. We buy into fads
23. We buy because we trust what others try to sell to us with their conviction
24. We buy things to outdo our friends and family
25. We buy because we want upgrades and newer and better
26. We all want to feel cool and confident
27. We buy because we trust many brands out there, including household names
28. We buy to enjoy other cultures while traveling
29. We buy to protect our lives including car and home insurance
30. We buy out of necessity
31. We buy from people’s testimonials from Yelp and other reviews from many restaurants and stores that amass us
32. We buy because it’s discounted for only a period of time that makes us feel compelled to buy it sooner.
33. We buy for special events especially for the holidays
34. We buy because we feel like we deserve it
35. We buy because of addictions
36. We buy to avoid boredom
37. We buy to avoid pain
38. To avoid criticism that is widespread
39. We buy to reduce risk
40. We buy to be free from worry and doubt
41. We buy for reciprocity
42. We buy because our imaginations are so strong that our desires are too strong to control that we must buy it
43. We buy because it’s the cheapest choice so we have that urge to go for it
44. We buy because we have our debit and credit cards and money from our paychecks!
45. We buy for efficiency and greater effectiveness
46. People buy because they see that it’s a great long term investment so they can have peace that in the future, they’ll be able to enjoy more out of life.

Once you’ve finished reading this list, you’ll trigger many ideas into your mind and things just start happening because you want things so badly that the universe will deliver it to you with ease. It comes to you without much effort because you’re on the path to where you want to go and without missing a beat, the doorway opens up for you and more of them in spite of some barriers. It’s all rudimentary on how things unravel for you. You just go to take the steps with action once you know and feel your way through.

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