Real Estate sales 101 and to the stars and Universe!

Let’s get you some sales and some passive income for life in the world of real estate. I will give it my all in all my blogs so sit back and read on and apply as we go because it’s best to get right to it so you grow like a farm of apple trees, cherry trees, and make a massive passive income for life. Nothing wrong with that because you can share what’s left over if you get too full.  I will teach you and share with you so much knowledge that you can literally make money in a short period of time. Let’s get to a point where you do have to work so hard for money but rather money will work hard for you. So, let us begin in this fun journey of creating a river of cash flow for life that you can share with many.

It’s no rocket science about making money. All you need is a good idea and some effort into it. Why do most people give up too easily? It’s because many are too lazy, have fear, procrastinate, complain, listen to opinion of others and give in too easily, and are weak in the mind and body. Well, to override that, let’s set your soul on fire so you can overcome all that crap that’s been built up over the years and all that stuff you learned that makes you hesitate, let’s get rid of that negative illusion, too! It will all completely evaporate like water in a short period of time if you allow it. Let’s give you a mindset of a conqueror, a go getter, an achiever, an action taker, and make you happy and joyous all of the time. You must be a new you to experience new results in real time. Get out of the old bad habits and into some new and exciting habits.

There are so many ways to make money in real estate so here they are and we can get into greater detail as time progresses, asap. You can have a real estate licenses and help many buyers and sellers and literally make a yearly 6 figure to 7 figure income. You can buy property that needs total rehab and sell it for a profit. Here, you don’t need a license. You can buy and hold the property and collect the rental incomes that come in monthly. You can be a property manager and make some money and live for free. You can buy tax lien properties and make a full time income like you’ve never seen before. Another way to make money is by wholesaling and you don’t need a license here either but rather a good drive to match buyers with sellers all day long. You just have to be a good hunter and get really organized so you make your way to a 6-7 figure income.
As you can see, there’s so many ways to make money but we will begin with making money by being a wholesaler aka bird dog watcher, a middle man, mediator, or representative. Here, many people can make money within a matter of weeks if you can find the right people and connect them with some good property. You make your money by asking for a fee or finder’s fee or simply compensation. No real estate license required! You will need to get organized to do this type of work because it can be a full time 6 to 7 figure income for you. You just need to get organized and do some daily hustle until you see some good results.

The journey is rewarding so have fun and start collecting data such as buyers and sellers. Categorize them from Single family homes to malls, apartments, businesses, multi units, mixed use, hotels, motels, SRO’s, strip malls, developments, land, and commercial. Start searching for bargain property in Craigslist,, and even go door knocking. Before you do this, I suggest you get some business cards so you are representing the real estate business. You want to look good and act the part so people will perceive you as the go to person in the industry. Build up your name and expose your business by being that one with all the best bargains out there. Be the connection that everyone wants and needs from you.

It would be a good idea to have a scanner and a copy machine because you will need to scan and send docs to your clients. Have some basic tools and supplies so you can get things done as quickly as possible because people these days want things done like yesterday. Believe me, people crave on customer service like never before so you want this to make your strength in the eyes of others. You want to stand out from the crowd because you are doing your best and the best received greater rewards than others. Don’t think mediocre. Think like a greater leader who conquers them all. Mind you, my style works so you must go all out since we all have unlimited power you will soon discover. You never thought you had it in you until now.

Stay tuned for an even greater training…

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