Real Estate Sales and Marketing in the Wholesaling arena

On my last blog, I discussed about wholesaling and being the middle person without a real estate license. You can find deals all over the place, even outside your city boundaries but be ready to do some traveling if you need too. However, it can be done without traveling all the way from California to New Jersey. You can simply co-op with others. You can find people in your line of work who share the same vision and the type of business you are in by joining groups found in Facebook and Craigslist.

In Facebook, join various groups such as Wholesaling Houses Full time. There, you will meet a ton of leads, prospects, wholesalers and deals. Just got it keep your eyes open often. First come first serve and it can be like that or it can be where the deal is not as appealing or viable as they would like. Someone else’s non-interest can be your fortune. Don’t give up but just keep firing away until. That’s how it works. You can better and better and the more you warm up, the better you become an expert in your field. That’s where you can enjoy the milk and honey and an abundance is waiting for you. Just go to go after it.

Make friends with everyone in Facebook and Craigslist in real estate because these are people you will add to your list of buyers and sellers. You make a big list and you do some matchmaking and bingo, you are on your way in wheeling and dealing and working your way up the ranks and the specialist in helping others in the world of real estate. There’s so much supply out there so you will be busy for life until you’ve built up a nice size portfolio to your comfort for retirement and a great supply of wealth for life.

You will find all the forms you’ll ever need online so no need to worry what you need to use in any given situation. Here are some good mentors that you should start watching and listening to. Phil Pustejovsky
Ron Legrand
Ty, the flip man.
These guys have a wealth of information that you will just need these three guys for everything you need to know. You will find many videos on them so you won’t have a problem on any topic and piece of information you need to leverage your sales career in real estate.

Again, all you need to do is apply the same principals and techniques and you, too, will experience the results and journey they all go through. You will run into bumps and turbulence but who doesn’t? It’s all part of the master plan to get better, stronger, wiser, faster, and rich in mind and in your bank accounts.
Remember, you will want to make a name for yourselves so be ready to have a supply of business cards and some marketing knowledge because you will want to expose your brand name pretty must anywhere and everywhere. Place properties you have found for seller’s on Craigslist and and make sure you follow up and keep good notes on all the people and information you gathered. You will meet so many people and situations so you’ll need to keep a tally in everything. Be fast on your feet because many are chasing the same thing so find ways up, over, and through any hurdle you confront. That’s what molds a great leader.

Another way to get your name out there is to send out mailers to a targeted group that you want to work with. You can make friends with your local title company and literally meet the staff and they will be so happy to do business with you since they want to close deals with you. These title companies like Old Republic, North American Title, Orange Coast Title Company, Fidelity, Chicago Title, and First American. These are my top 5 picks and you’ll ask for the sales rep. Make friends with them and they will supply you an account to search for information on an owner’s property and key pieces of information you’ll need to succeed.

These title companies offer to print out labels for owner’s property so it would be a great idea to value your sales reps from these title companies. These title companies serve as the middle person from start to finish of a real estate property. They are the link you will need to complete a deal to protect your buyer and seller. These are the same people they will cut you your finder’s fee again and again.

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