Reevaluate your business and life

If the last 12-24 months hasn’t changed much in your life and income, you must re-evaluate your whole situation and write down new and fresh and achievable goals. Many write down BIG goals because they work so hard, that they achieve great heights even if all the goals were not all met so you may as well make them BIG GOALS! There’s nothing wrong with that since you have all the available resources around you than ever before. There is no better time in history to apply the knowledge and skills you have because there are more resources out there to compliment your hard work and efforts. It will pay off!

Make sure to put a plan of action because action speaks louder than words. Action is golden versus words because you can be sitting down at a live workshop and listening to your teachers and mentors all day long for a week’s workshop but if you get all pumped up and do nothing, you had wasted your time and energy and you fail. So, make sure you fail fast if you find yourself in this position. You must pinch yourself and wake up from that doldrums and release the brakes and spin your wheels very fast because time flies so fast these days for some universal reason.
Make a good plan, make the goals to that plan, and what are the action steps to get there. Take it one day at a time because each day are building blocks. Time is racing past us so each day counts so never slow down or put off because the sooner you do, the sooner you make sales and some real production. Create some kind of system that works for you. Love people because they will love you back. You must be good at helping others. You must be so good that waking up from a dead sleep, you’ll be yearning for your customer’s attention and shouting out your customer’s name.
Divide your days by marketing, following up, and sales that have “Income Producing Tasks.” Have those power hours to be results oriented, ones that are warm leads, hot leads, and even get some cold new leads so you fill up your bucket. You must have a full bucket because your bucket has a hole in the bottom that leaks so you must make sure you keep filling it up with new leads.

Always remember why you got into your profession in the first place so never give up. Ask yourself have I given it my all? Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re the best in your field? You must think big because many are and if you’re not, your lunch and dinner will all be eaten. It’s a real business you are building so you must build your image and reputation and that requires a lot of time and dedication. To get many ideas and knowledge, learn from the pros in the industry. Find a mentor(s). They are everywhere. The question is do you have the guts and the longevity.

Each day should be a journey of new things you fill your life with because that’s what makes it exciting and worthwhile. You need to meet more and more people to touch and that’s what you call people power. Build something so wonderful that they will throw themselves at you and that there is on full auto pilot mode. Just like a plane, it requires full throttle at the start before liftoff. Once you race down the throttle, never let go of acceleration otherwise you will never get to flying and cruising altitude. You either win or you lose. Make a decision right now to turn the tides.

Your Coach,

Peter de Vera
Customer Centric Service Provider
Serial Entrepreneur

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