Stay Productive and Consistent and you’ll set yourself up for Massive Success!

The difference between the successful person and the unsuccessful person is that the successful person has a daily calendar full of productive tasks such as following up, meeting new prospects, passing out flyers, marketing and making those phone calls and connections with current and prospective buyers and sellers. Remember, it’s not hard because when your mindset is about sharing, you are caring and people will notice that and then they will be compelled to work with you and ultimately can refer you. You’ve got to make it happen on a consistent basis and keep it growing. Just like a seed, you plant it in fertile soil and take care of it until it bears fruit. It’s how it works because everything develops when you look after it with care.

We all will come across disappointments and rejections and even lots of failures but it’s all part of the master plan. You become better, faster, stronger, wiser, happier as you see your business grow. Keep going, don’t stop. You need to go through the valleys and rivers to get to the mountaintop. There is no elevator to success. You have to climb the stairs and work that mind and body. Nothing will be handed to you.

If you don’t have a day planner, I suggest you get one. Many of us have our pocket computers so you can use that too by typing out a task to do. Type or write out, daily, your IPT aka Income Producing Task. You must have that hour or more of income producing tasks so you get to it right away since there are many fish in the sea for you to haul in. There’s so many fish, it’s ridiculous how many roam around down there and get old! So, don’t waste time being “busy” with non-productive tasks but get busy with IPT’s! Believe me, you will see a major difference in your bottom line and that’s a bucket full of fish and you will never be hungry.

Monday through Friday are the most important days for most to follow up and do business with people so it’s important to stay on top on the game by delivering your value. Your hard work of studying your trade and knowing the skills you possess must be shared with many. You must be out there reaching out and connecting with many others. Connect the dots or you won’t get anywhere except losing your attitude and then you’ll start complaining and criticizing others for your shortcomings. It’s all about caring and getting with the program and hustling. Move that body and connect with good people. They are all over the place. You are fortunate to be living today since most of you are surrounding by bustling businesses who you can connect with. Make that connection and develop some relationships. Don’t worry about getting rejected because it doesn’t mean they don’t like you but it just means they are not ready at that moment.

If you stay focused on keeping your pipeline full by writing down IPT’s on a daily basis, you will be made in a short period of time, literally. Put aside that HOP, “hour of production” and really stay focused and consistent with it. Never give up no matter what. You have to control your emotions or it will control you. You want to get to a point where you have so much time and freedom on your hands because it’s a place where you want to be in.

If you feel living giving up still or not motivated, go get a mentor or coach because we all need one at one time of another. People need people to feel a sense of worthiness because it’s easy to fall into traps especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are a lot of good people who can give a helping hand to make a difference in your life. You want life changing results that will set you free and enjoy life more and to share with others.

To recap, write down your daily IPT and set aside that HOP.  For me, I like to set it at 5 hours of HOP. But, if you focus with intensity even just for one hour a day of  those HOP’s with IPT’s, you’re on your way to something worthwhile and you will see a lot more brighter days in your life. Stay consistent, stay focused, get some help if you need it, and go get it!

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