Use Technology to build your Business in Real time and be ahead of the game

To build any business and keep it healthy for its life whether you’re a realtor to the seasoned insurance agent or even running a restaurant, you must keep up with the times and then some. You can easily plug into the internet on your PC and smart phones and start making use of its vast tools, online sites you can create, apps you can create, and even programs that can give you that competitive edge over others. To be more, you must do more.

You can have so much done and completed in real time and enjoy more out of life due to the abundant useful tools that’s already built and all you need to do is get plugged in and keep it consistent until you reach a level of life where you are comfortable and happy. It’s nice to be totally free from money worries and have time freedom so you can enjoy time for your family and yourself. Imagine waking up any time you want and being in a place where you can get the most joy out of life. It will happen when you make it happen. Now is the best time to leverage the tools of success.

Let’s jump right to it and I can tell you this that videos are making a big name for itself these days. It builds up credibility, trust and relationships. You can simply use the cam on your computer or cell phone to start creating some value you for yourself. It’s great because it’s free and easy to use. Once you scale up and make nicer videos of yourself, invest in a nice digital camera that has great quality features that produce astonishing photos and video. You can literally be anywhere on the planet and starting filming away.

After filming yourself, you can edit it and start making some special effects that will really grab the attention of your viewers. It helps to be unique because that’s where the real juice is at because there’s so many people doing the same thing, it looks like sheep to them. You want to be that big bad wolf who produces in real time. There are free editors out there like Videopad, Lightworks, and ShotCut.

If you want more features, you start paying for ones that area really awesome such as Video Studio or Adobe Premiere Pro CC. These are user friendly so it just takes a little effort to see a big difference. That big difference cal spell out a pipeline full of clients that convert to sales. Keep customers engaged and they’ll keep coming back for more. Once you learn it, it all becomes a great habit you will want to use for a long time. That’s what separates the winners from the losers.

Another great way to leverage your business is by gathering your email list of prospective clients and send them regular email marketing. These can include newsletters, show them listings you have for sale, homes that you’ve sold, first time buyer tips, market analysis for certain cities, and the list goes on. These are things you have created ahead of time before you send then out to your list thru an automated process.

An email list will work when you follow these steps. Number 1 is get an email software provider like Aweber or Getresponse because if you’re serious about growing a business, you will need this. Step 2 is create a email list of your prospects and current customers that you have. Step 3 is Generate leads. We will discuss about this later. Step 4 is set up your auto responder. This will send automated emails thru sequences. You will send out free information here to your prospects. And, Step 5 is to send out a broadcast to your entire list. Here, you will be able to send the same message to your entire list, even if it’s 10,000.

You can get many leads thru many sources such as doing open homes, Facebook, LinkedIN, Craigslist, and so many more sources. To make lots of sales, you need lots of leads and it’s as simple as that. You need to fill up your pipeline continuously so you can see greater growth. It’s like magic, it just happens.
Chances are you will succeed when you have all the tools in place for whatever business you’re in because they all work as proven time and time again. Don’t be afraid to invest but be afraid of no sales. You grow when you invest in yourself and your business and you’ll find yourself scaling yourself to the moon. Learn marketing by following a proven system because it works like clockwork.

It’s now your time to be a hit in your circle of influence because it’s all been laid out there for you to pick and apply. All it requires is your time because you want to make time work hard for you but first, you must work for it. You put in and you will definitely get out. Step by step, you can see great results so start now towards your path to money and time freedom you’ve always dreamed for.

Your Coach,

Peter de Vera

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