You’re not selling Real Estate to your client. You’re selling Freedom for a better Lifestyle.

Many don’t realize the facts about real estate and end up giving up and postponing buying real estate. I’m sure you’ve heard people say, I’ll wait 2 more years or a few more years to buy. Or, I’m waiting until the prices go down to buy. It may be true that prices of property are over your budget however it’s good to know there are 4 different phases of the real estate market.

You’ll see that there are 4 different phases of the Market Cycle as explained.

4 different phases of the Market Cycle and they never skip each other. Market cycles lasts 8-15 years. Each phase within each cycle lasts 3-5 years.

For every cycle, you change your strategy. When the market is changing, you are changing your strategy.

You’ll make the most amount of money, in the least amount of time with the least amount of risk.

•Market cycles are predictable. Be ahead of the curve!

1. Seller’s Market 1. Properties sell fast, unemployment is low, rents are rising and demand is high. Buy and hold or flip asap.

2. Seller’s Market 2. Market starts to slow down. Properties start staying on the market longer after a period of emergence. Business and job growth slow. Market is oversupplied with property. Business and job growth slow. You don’t hold long term. You FLIP! Take that money and move it into emerging markets.

3. Buyer’s Market 1. This is where you will buy properties with great cash flow. This is a time where prices of rents fall, demand is falling, unemployment is at its highest. This is a time where it’s hard for sellers to sell because they bought at the wrong time. Seller’s are looking to get out. Follow where the jobs are: Look where people are migrating because that’s where the market is moving. Go to where jobs are hot. Go where the low hanging fruit are as you go through that orchard of profits. We go into the market as early as possible!

4. Buyer’s Market 2. Time on the market decreases, job growth increases, prices slowly increase, rents start to increase for the first time. This is Where You Buy and Hold! Find out where the jobs are going. Talk to their Chamber of Commerce and find out what jobs are coming in. The more the white collared jobs, the better.

The market may be softening however there are many emerging markets all over the country where you can invest. Don’t get afraid of out of state property because there’s so many property managers to help you. Never fear because all the problems have been solved. Put that habit of fear aside and you’ll witness a whole new habit of cash flow into your pockets, including those clients of yours you can educate. That’s how you can spread the wealth!

It’s that added value that you share with your clients that will make you stand out among your competition. It’s the knowledge that you possess that can get them excited because, they, too, want to live a life of freedom and be debt free and enjoy those times off with their families and even on those nice vacations.

You’re not selling Real Estate to your client. You’re selling Freedom for a better Lifestyle. You’re solving their problems. You’re giving them a chance to make a difference in their lives. Change your thoughts and you WILL change your World!

Your Coach,


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